Hundreds of studios around the world are proving that EMS is a good investment that pays off in a very short time. My EMS offers a uniquely developed, reliable and attractive business model for personal trainers, fitness and wellness studios. Start with a low investment and grow!

My EMS, Think professionally.

Your success is our success! With My EMS Profi you get not only a product, but also a membership of the My EMS mentoring program, which allows you a bunch of benefits and tecnical support.


BUSINESS concept

My EMS is a wireless EMS training device that allows one-on-one session or group training. Our strict safety guidelines provide a completely safe way to exercise, but with exceptional results in a short amount of time. The client control units and the tablet connect via Bluetooth to the My EMS smart training system in the cloud, which monitors the entire training process.

My EMS Pro App

You can manage your My EMS Pro device via an iOS or Android tablet, which connects to our cloud CRM system via a stand. Enjoy a user-friendly interface and have complete control over individual or group training.

My EMS Professional system

In addition to preset training programs, our interface also allows individual setting of training programs. You can individually prepare a program for each group in the group according to the level of difficulty it achieves. You can turn different zones and settings on and off to completely personalize your workout for everyone.


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    My EMS Pro is equipped with a customized product configuration according to your business needs. It is an open system, ready for several users, so it is also suitable for group training.

    Why choose MY EMS

    My EMS product line are EMS devices (electric muscle stimulator), which consist of a special suit and a control unit that is compatible with any smart device (phone, tablet, pc or tv). You can take the kit with you anywhere and use it for 20 minutes two to three times a week instead of wasting hours in the gym and looking for free appointments to coordinate with your trainer. So the choice is entirely yours when and where you will exercise, be it immediately after morning coffee or before bed in the evening.
    Finally you are not tied to anyone and you can adapt the training completely to your needs without wasting your valuable time. These are EMS devices for overworked people who want to stay in shape. Enjoy better results and spend much less time on them regardless of the desire for what you would like to achieve (body shaping, weight loss, increased endurance, pain relief, etc.).
    The good news is that our equipment provides you with 100% hygiene, as the clothes are machine washable and can be washed after each workout. infection and those for whom hygiene comes first.
    Of course, the possibility of infection is also greatly reduced by exercise at home or the possibility of exercise in nature, where you can compromise, exercise quickly and efficiently, even with a personal trainer, but at a distance and outdoors. Exercise, on the other hand, helps improve immunity and the immune system.


    Mobile studio concept for personal trainers. We know very well that mobility is extremely important to you. That is why we have designed a unique EMS product, also suitable for professional personal trainers who regularly perform trainings one after another. No heavy equipment, just mobility. Exactly what you need. As a personal trainer, you will have the opportunity to become the selling point of a new generation of elegant hybrid suits. Becoming a point of sale or a partner studio means extra income for you.


    Start small, grow big! There are usually between 80-100 members in a specialized studio. In the EMS training zone, where the training takes place one on one or in a small group (2-3 people), you can customize the training for each of your clients. Easy to use, and your clients will enjoy versions of their workout at a very affordable price in a very 20-minute session. What’s more, as a fitness studio owner, you’ll have the opportunity to become a point of sale for a new generation of stylish hybrid outfits. Becoming a point of sale or a partner studio means extra income for you.


    Think big! Since you already have members in the 200+ gym, EMS workout is the perfect addition to your latest services. Your trainers can create exercise plans for your clients to help them achieve their goals more effectively. By performing group workouts for up to 30 people, you will be able to increase your gym’s income while keeping maintenance costs low. As a gym owner, you will have the opportunity to become the selling point of a new generation of elegant hybrid suits. Becoming a point of sale or a partner studio means extra income for you.


    We offer you a partnership concept of cooperation: PARTNER STUDIO: Rent or purchase equipment and point of sale option. With the affiliate program you will receive additional benefits: - lower prices for the purchase or rental of equipment - regular education and training - joint advertising and campaigns - free replacement devices in case of failure - shorter repair or delivery time of products - and more ..