A unique concept of training anywhere and anytime


20 minutes

For a perfect workout

Instead of
1-1,5 hours


1500 Kcal

Visible results after 4-5 workouts


My EMS training activates deeper muscle fibers and stimulates them with medium frequency, which we do not achieve with normal exercise.



530 different muscles


še 72 hours after exercise

My EMS, stronger, faster, better.

A new and revolutionary workout in the world of fitness.

My EMS is the latest achievement of EMS technology, which offers an optimized and safe way of training, where in a 20-minute workout it enables the consumption of up to 1500 kcal and an increase in muscle mass.


Positive effects EMS training


My EMS workout can be done anywhere - in the gym, at home, at work… You choose where you want to workout and which parts of your body you want to change.


You can save a lot of time as the workout only takes 20-25 minutes and at the same time trains the entire musculature. Compared to a normal 1-1.5 hour traditional workout, 15-20 minutes with My EMS twice or thrice a week is enough to achieve the same goal.


This is the most effective method of burning calories to help you achieve the most optimal percentage of body fat in the fastest possible way. The muscle pump effectively fights cellulite and improves the blood supply to the tissues surrounding the muscles.


Joints are relieved due to the precise direction of electrical impulses in the muscles. Back pain due to weak skeletal muscles can be relieved by strengthening the muscles next to the spine.


Even the weakest points of the body can be completely strengthened because external impulses improve the balance of the musculature. My EMS exercise is also effective in fighting osteoporosis, as the traction effect of the tendons on the bones due to the use of muscles causes the bones to strengthen.


EMS is a well-researched technology that has been around for decades.

Exercises are done with the help of a virtual trainer to help ensure safe operation. You can also choose the classic form of fitness training or with a personal trainer, as the device offers you an unlimited choice of where and with whom you will train

Programs are tailored to your readiness, from complete beginners to professionals. We can also boast of a program for seniors, where exercise is primarily intended to maintain healthy muscle and bone density, with lighter and tailored exercises.

The Guidelines for Safe Use have been designed to examine practical experience and combine it with scientific research.


During traditional strength training, the brain sends bioelectric impulses that cause some muscles to contract.

However, not all muscles have a well-developed connection to the brain, and these muscles are not as easy to activate, so they will not develop as well. That way we can never train at full strength, even if we want to.

My low-power electrical pulse EMS directly stimulates our deep muscles, misleading our body's natural responses and training almost 100% of our muscles.

Exercises with My EMS are a completely safe form of exercise and as such has long been used for medical and rehabilitation purposes.

My EMS training compared to regular training

An EMS device can achieve what the human brain can't.

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) causes muscle contraction by means of an electric current. Such shrinkage is different
from that triggered by traditional training controlled by the central nervous system.

Nature and intensity

the stimulus depends on the parameters configured on the device.

An electrical impulse is provided by a tool to engage the muscles. This impulse is transmitted to the muscle via neurons and motoneurons via the EMS device. Its role is to trigger muscle movement.

This mechanical response is what we call ‘twitching’. Each time the electrical impulse is repeated, it causes muscle twitching.

Traditional trainings My EMS training
Duration of training 60-90 min 20 min
Required training frequency 5-6 times a week 2-times a week
Calories were burned during training 400 Kcal 1500 Kcal
Calories burned after a workout None 1200 Kcal v 4-6 urah, 4000 Kcal v 2-3 dneh
Expected maximum heart rate 180 120-130
Visible change po 15-20 trainings after 4-6 trainings
Anti-cellulite effect no yes
Weight loss 1x cca. 3x hitreje
Calorie burning during training no yes
Tracking online training statistics no yes
Free online nutrition guide no yes
Opportunity for group training with one trainer no yes
The trainer can continue the training program anywhere in the world no yes
The physical presence of a trainer is absolutely necessary during training yes no (can be programmed online, so the trainer can lead from the other side of the world)
Possibility of muscle injury high very low
Possibility of back injury high very low
Efficacy against urinary incontinence no yes
Joint overload yes no

WHY CHOOSE the My EMS exercise concept

My EMS product line are EMS devices (electric muscle stimulator), which consist of a special suit and a control unit that connects to any smart device (phone, tablet, pc or tv). You can take the kit with you anywhere and use it for 20 minutes two to three times a week instead of wasting hours at the gym looking for free appointments to coordinate with your trainer. So the choice is entirely yours when and where you will exercise, be it immediately after morning coffee or before bed in the evening.
Finally, you are not tied to anyone and you can completely tailor your training to your needs without wasting your valuable time. These are EMS devices for overworked people who want to stay in shape. Enjoy better results and spend much less time on them regardless of the desire for what you would like to achieve (body shaping, weight loss, increased endurance, pain relief, etc.).
The good news is that our equipment provides you with 100% hygiene, as the clothes are machine washable and can be washed after each workout. This also satisfies those who do not want to visit the centers at the moment due to the fear of a possible infection and those who put hygiene first.
Of course, the possibility of infection is also greatly reduced by exercise at home or the possibility of exercise in nature, where you can compromise, exercise quickly and efficiently, even with a personal trainer, but at a distance and outdoors. Exercise, on the other hand, helps improve immunity and the immune system. So put on your chosen My EMS set and go for a walk, and in the meantime do some intense exercise!


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    Contact us

      Hiša Lepote d.o.o.
      Stopniška pot 8
      6320 Portorose

      Tel.: +386 40 200 777
      Email: info@my-ems.eu
      Trr.: SI56 0510 0801 5815 163
      (Abanka d.d.)